Introducing… Innovate Planning & Co.!

We've Outgrown our name! KAIS consulting becomes Innovate Planning and Co

We grew again! In fact, we’ve outgrown our name! KAIS Consulting is now Innovate Planning & Co. Inc.

What do you do when you’ve outgrown your brand? You find the best group of people to expand your services. You connect with smart, fun, caring, innovative professionals who are diverse in talents and ideas, yet like-minded in their commitment to helping teams and organizations thrive by making meaningful, positive, and impactful change. Then you tell everyone about it!

Introducing… Innovate Planning & Co.!

We continue to help discover your organization’s potential through strategic planning & creation solutions, to provide creative and compelling solutions in:


Strategic Plans and Organizational Alignment


Master Plans, Programs and Policies


Business Operations and Process Improvement

Workshops, Training, Design and Delivery

Together we transform possibilities and potential into actionable solutions and measurable outcomes.

We have a new name, a new look, and more services to work with you and your team to respond to our favourite questions, such as:

What do we need to do and where do we start?

That can be a tricky question. Our team will help you assess your current state and determine where you want to go

How do we get there?

Another hard question. A compelling strategic plan, master plan, business or process improvement strategy grounded in a solid community and/or stakeholder consultation will help identify a clear road map. Our team is process and planning, navigation experts!

What are the steps?

Timely, even, sequential steps are critical to successfully executing a project. With advanced training in project management, change management, process improvement, and curriculum design and delivery, our team can keep you on track, help your team or community embrace the change, and provide training to ensure the change is sustainable and replicable.

How will we know?

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?” “That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat.”

– Lewis Carrol

Like the conversation between the disoriented Alice and the enigmatic Cheshire Cat in Alice and Wonderland, clear, compelling, and timely targets demystify priorities and allow you and your team to stay on track, identify trends, proactively respond, and celebrate milestones and achievements.

We’re excited to share this journey with you. You’ll be hearing more from Innovate Planning & Co over the next several months. We’ll be sharing blog posts and insights in developing and implementing creative and practical solutions to transform your organization. Sign up and stay tuned or you are welcome to book a meeting at our link below – we look forward to connecting!

We’d be delighted to hear from you!