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Strategic Plans and Organizational Alignment

Master Plans, Programs and Policies

Business Operations and Process Improvement

Workshops, Training, Design and Delivery

Innovate Planning & Co. is known for its passion for people, growth, improvement and potential

We work with your team to provide creative and compelling solutions in:

Strategic Planning and Organizational Alignment

Corporate Strategy and Vision

Business Operations Alignment with Organizational Goals
Stakeholder Relations

Public Consultation and Council Workshops

Communications, Research, Surveys and Reports

Master Plans, Programs and Policies

Parks, Recreation and Culture Master Plans

Parks and Facility Priority Plans

Sports Field and Allocation Strategies

Arts, Culture and Heritage Strategies

Public Art Policy and Programs

Access and Inclusion Policies and Programs

Culture and Events Programs and Evaluations

Grant Funding Program Reviews and Applications

Business Operations and Process Improvement

Lean Six Sigma Methodologies

Prosci® Change Management

Business Plans and Operations Analysis

Organizational Structure Review and Key Performance Indicators

Performance Optimization, Process Development, and Evaluation

Leader Mentorship and Team Development

Workshops, Training, Design and Delivery

Customized Organizational Training
Train the Trainer Programs
Curriculum Design

Training Delivery

Program Evaluation

Together we transform possibilities and potential into
actionable solutions and measurable outcomes

Our clients represent a diverse range of private business owners, local governments, and education and health care institutions

What our clients say

“We were looking for a way to leave our potential clients with a tangible piece of our company after we had our initial face-to-face meeting with them. Innovate Planning & Co.  worked closely with us to achieve a package of printed material that painted a clear picture of our services and portfolio. We couldn’t be happier with the result!”

Pam Winterburn

Zimba Designworks

“We have had the distinct pleasure of contracting to Innovate Planning & Co. Inc. intermittently for the past five years. They provided us with human resource & management coaching and consulting services. Their consultant, Ms. Allyson Friesen, approached each contract with enthusiasm, dedication, thorough research, and great expertise. On behalf of Innovate Planning & Co., we received quality products, programs, services and results-driven outcomes that were client-focused.”

Heidi Enns

Leisure Recreation Group

Clients benefit from their skills, and relationships Innovate Planning & Co. has forged with select and specialized practitioners to support the unique needs of your project

How we work

Innovate Planning & Co. consultants listen and observe to genuinely appreciate the unique issues involved in each situation, facilitate productive and measurable change, and develop implementation processes to bridge the often-common divide between the organizational vision and daily operations. We will work with you and your team to explore what is your peak potential in every situation, find new ways of looking at opportunities, and help you achieve your big lofty goals. 

About Innovate Planning & Co.

Innovate Planning & Co. is a highly successful Canadian planning and management consulting firm serving a broad range of municipal, not-for-profit and private sector clients since 2000*.  While our reputation for excellence was established early on as a provider of business improvement and parks, recreation, and culture planning services, our list of clients we have supported has grown to include colleges, health authorities, community organizations, and a host of other professional firms.  We attribute our success to our dynamic, nimble, and client-centered approach, together with the application of innovative, effective methods, and well-informed expert planning advice, allowing us to develop unique and workable strategies that achieve our clients’ goals and objectives.  Our work often becomes the benchmark for excellence in the field of parks, recreation, and culture planning, giving our clients confidence in a clear path forward. Innovate Planning & Co. brings more than two decades of industry experience and expertise in transforming organizations and developing and implementing creative and practical solutions that turn vision into reality.

*Innovate Planning & Co. Inc originated as KAIS Consulting in 2000.